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This shelving makeover was really one of my first ever DIY projects! It was a simple upgrade of IKEA's Vittsjö bookshelf using just gold and white spray paint.

Gold bookshelf with glass shelves and white shelves at top and bottom. This image shows the bookcase in front of a brick wall with wooden floors underneath.

I typically start my projects by laying out all of the required materials for whatever I'm building, that way I can easily see where everything is.

When spray painting anything indoors, I now go overboard on laying out enough protection to ensure the paint stays contained and doesn't get on any furniture, walls or floors. Better safe than sorry in this kind of situation! You can pick up a tarp and/or plastic sheeting at any home improvement store such as Ace, Lowe's or Home Depot. You can also find them on Amazon but I tend to find them to be cheaper from a brick and mortar store.

In addition to covering everything up, I always make sure the area is well ventilated too. When I painted this shelf in particular, I was living in a condo that had these wonderful large doors opening up to a courtyard. If the weather was bad, or now if I'm painting inside, I always make sure to use a fan to help air out all the fumes. The weather here, especially the humidity, can be very temperamental so it's great to have a large fan like this on hand!


Items Used:


This picture shows the pieces of the bookshelf frame all laying out on top of a blue tarp. They were just spray painted with the gold spray paint and are now drying in front of open balcony doors.


On a tarp or plastic sheet lay out all parts of the frame that need to be painted gold as well as the top and bottom solid shelves.

Evenly spray all pieces of the frame with the gold paint. After the frame is painted, spray the boards with the white spray paint. Let both of these dry completely for 24 hours.

Flip all pieces over and spray remaining unpainted sides. Let this coat dry for an additional 24 hours.

Assemble the bookshelf according to IKEA's printed instructions and TA-DA! You have a beautiful, customized bookshelf.


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